American Pride

There isn’t anything this girl can’t do. I love it. I wanted images of a reiner with a flag, and she delivered. amazingness.


IMG_8344rrt IMG_8359rrt IMG_8427rrt IMG_8448rrt IMG_8485rrt


Amber & Sadie

Amber is a young lady who has the horse bug. Her mom and I competed in a Mustang Makeover together in 2009 and I am THRILLED that Amber is now working with Sadie to compete in the Mustang Million in Texas this fall. Mustangs change you. They change your outlook on all horses, and truly teach you about the connection between horse and rider. It’s pretty awesome.

So without further ado, here is a little river bottom fun with Amber and Sadie!

IMG_7277rrt IMG_7288rrt IMG_7331rrt IMG_7362rrt IMG_7366rrt IMG_7369rrt IMG_7373rrt IMG_7400rrt IMG_7404rrt IMG_7422rrt