Michael & Kat – Laura & Jim

What happens when you put two country boys together with their ladies and ask them to pose? This. and it’s amazing.

Congrats Laura & Jim on the wedding and the baby!

Pony credits: Thank you to the riders who so graciously offered their beautiful paint horse “Splash” for us to use! Gotta love Norco!

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Heather & Craig

You may know by now, but Heather is stunning. I love shooting with her, so when she called and said she wanted a shoot with her boyfriend… I was already out the door. There are seriously too many “good ones” in this session I had a hard time picking my personal favorites. Here is a preview of some of my favorite shots from their session!

_MG_2298rrt _MG_2306rrt _MG_2406rrt _MG_2408rrt _MG_2410rrt _MG_2424rrt _MG_2429rrt _MG_2457rrt _MG_2466rrt _MG_2474rrt _MG_2489rrt _MG_2515rrt _MG_2528rrt _MG_2530rrt _MG_2532rrt_MG_2267rrt _MG_2305rrt _MG_2350rrt